Sunday, August 5, 2012

A year of excuses

A year ago I posted that it was one year to go until the Olympics, and was wondering what you can achieve in a year if you put your mind to it and set some goals. I've had a few big goals since then that I have been working towards, a couple I have achieved (PT course and Coastrek), two are in progress (half-marathon, own business), and one keeps eluding me.
What I have discovered is that nothing ever, or rarely, happens in a linear progression. It would be so easy if it did. There are always setback and challenges along the way. Lots of ups and downs.

However, my problem is that I create my own setbacks- I stop or slow down or have a few days off, all with seemingly good reasons, but maybe they are excuses that are actually holding me back. For example, it took me longer to do my personal training course because I was mostly too tired to study at night, one night turned into a few, which turned into a week. That turned into a month, and it was so hard to get started again. In the end, when I finally put my mind to it, I had quite a few late nights to get it finished. What I was avoiding was something that just had to be done! Its the same with my running.  I don't do a session because I feel unmotivated, then you feel bad the following day because you did not stick to your plan. But the silly thing is, you get motivated just by running! Completing a session makes you want to run again.

I am my own worst enemy. What it makes me wonder is, what could I really achieve if I did not make excuses, did not procrastinate, and I just got out there and did it, even when I don't feel like it?

What will the next year bring, what can I achieve if I stick to my plan?

I have a few BHAG's in mind, but can I kick the excuses?

Do you also make excuses, and if so, what are your favourites?

Here's to a year of no excuses, and getting out there and taking action!

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