Tuesday, January 7, 2014

On the edge

Today's meditation: standing at the edge of the ocean, a calm ocean, feeling the anticipation flow through my body like warm tingling electricity, on the verge of the future and whatever that may hold. It was neither scary or exciting. It was just what it was, without additional meaning attached to it. Something new was on the horizon, but there was no fear. I felt ready for whatever was going to happen.

Today at work I was faced with a lady, full of fear and anger and willing to take everything out on everyone she came into contact to. I was rattled, angry myself at her treatment of me and others, and wanting to challenge her and set her straight. A little  later I spoke to someone else about her and was surprised at the response: Don't let her suck you into her issues. She was right. I was letting her anger and fear flow into me, and the I was experiencing her reality, not mine. 

After this experience today I was worried that my meditation would be more stressful and full of fear like I experienced today. I was surprised at its calmness. Maybe I am more ready than ever to face what life throws at me, to feel all the feelings, experience the anticipation of what is in front of me, what my future holds.

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