Sunday, January 1, 2012

Starting again

It is real, I broke up with the bf at Christmas. Timing! But maybe not as bad as I thought it would be. As Christmas and New Year is a time of reflection, I was able to start the processing needed to move forward in a new direction, albeit without my wonderful bf who I will always adore, and who I miss so much.

Exercise and developing goals for 2012 really helped me gain some perspective. Coastrek training kept me making healthy choices with food and exercise. Goals kept me focused on my future. Twitter reminded me there is a world of people out there who I can relate to when I have been feeling lonely. Christmas has kept me focused on my family and being able to love and care for the important people in my life. My new Kindle from Santa has allowed me to escape when the feelings of sadness and loss were too much.

I am coping. I am determined to move forward with life and focus on ME for a while. I will make 2012 a good year.


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