Sunday, February 10, 2013

Last day of slothsville

Ok, I admit that lately I have been less physically active than I should. My main excuse has to do with a very comfortable bed that calls me for naps at all hours of the morning or afternoon, perpetuating my insomnia- its a vicious circle. That all ends tomorrow for the start of Michelle Bridges'12wbt runing program that I am doing.

My main aim was to start the half marathon training plan, which requires that ability to run 10km. I have not run 10km's for 2 months. But the first weeks long run is only 9km and at a pinch I think I will be fine. The rest of the weeks plan looks manageable. So, if I fail to do 9km, I will step back and start in the middle of the 10km run program. If that happens I'll have to reconsider my half marathon goal on 28th April- Run Noosa. My back-up plan is the SMH Half marathon on 19th May.

Tomorrow my plan is to get up early and do my run, weather permitting. Its raining at the moment. I know I will have to get used to running in all weather conditions, but its certainly not my first choice.

I'm off to bed early for a good start to tomorrow. For all those others doing the 12wbt, best wishes lets reach for the stars,

One goal at a time,


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