Tuesday, February 12, 2013

12 (wbt) reasons.....

12 (wbt) reasons why I could cry right now…..

1.       I had my before photos for the Michelle Bridges 12wbt taken this morning.
2.       I felt embarrassed about the photos
3.       I am now heavier than when I was pregnant
4.       I felt ashamed about my behavior that has resulted in the image of me in the photos
5.       I kept thinking about the photos all day, and therefore,
6.       I kept being reminded of what I have not done recently (ie Enough Exercise)
7.       I know the next 12 weeks are going to hurt
8.       Knowing I deserve the next 12 weeks to hurt
9.       Knowing that I am going to have to pull out some extreme resilience to get through the next 12 weeks
But also….

10.   Knowing that in 12 weeks time I can feel very differently
11.   Knowing that it is going to take a lot more tears to feel and look differently
12.   Knowing it is up to me to change, it is my responsibility for where I am now, and it is my responsibility for where I end up.
Despite feeling like crying, I am also excited about the possibilities of what the next 3 months could bring. There is a ray of hope.


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