Friday, May 24, 2013

Week 2 overview

Week 2 is nearly over and it has been a bit of a hard week- nearly over meaning I have two workouts and two and a half days of eating to go. I'll have a whinge, then I'll tell you all the good things that are happening.

This week I have been so tired, I'm not sure whether its the lack of calories or the daily exercise, but my body is tired. I feel fine at the gym and work hard, but I'm just lacking energy. I have considered putting my calories up and changing to a maintenance nutrition plan, but ideally I would like to lose a couple of kilos. I'm unsure what to do, but as a precaution I am ensuring that I have protein shakes following my workouts. At least then I can replenish my tired muscles.

Work has also been different this week, I am by myself as the others are on holidays. This is only hard as I don't have any other adult conversation in my day. I get home and its just me and the kids. Last night when I met my partner for dinner, it was really the only adult conversation I had had since the weekend. Thanks god for the internet!

Now I'll stop my moaning and tell you all the good things! Firstly, I am stronger than two weeks ago. I could only do four push ups on my toes, now I can do 8 with my feet raised to knee height. I have also increased my weights on most of my exercises, and I have increased the resistance on the Cross Trainer. My clothes are feeling more comfortable and my waistline feels like it is shrinking. Even after 2 weeks I feel more toned, a little more muscular. I haven't lost weight, I've gained 100g, but this is really nothing. My body composition feels like it is changing, and that's exactly what I want.

Weekend and Super Saturday Session (aka Super Sore Sunday), I'm facing you head on!

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  1. Well done! Like you, I am getting better and stronger with push-ups, my nemesis. Doing the weekly challenge has really helped me. I also gained 100g this week but I'm noticing changes in other ways. Have a great SSS!